Martin Villeneuve: The Dreammaker

Martin Villeneuve starts drawing at 4. At 8, he sneaks down the basement stairs to watch movies that only his big brothers are allowed to watch. Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Clockwork Orange and Blade Runner are all seen … Continue reading

Ask Emeline: Make your home office fun and functional

  Working from home is slowly becoming the norm.  That space needs to be welcoming, am I right? I get overwhelmed by all the possible design ideas I see on-line so I asked my favorite designer Emeline for some specific and … Continue reading

Montreal indie shoegaze band The City Gates’ experiment with sound.

Never have I heard such a sweet, dreamy, melancholic mix of 90’s shoegaze music that feels laced with joy.  Impressed that this amazing band is from our very own Montreal, I had to reach out to them. Their new album comes … Continue reading

Ask Emeline: How to make a basement bedroom cozy.

We recently decided to move our bedroom to the basement so that it would be cool, quiet and dark.  It’s freshly painted which is great, but the back door leads to a garage which doesn’t exactly read “sweet dreams”. I … Continue reading

The book that will light up your life!

So…I have a favorite yoga teacher.  Why do I love him the most? Is it because he plays Madonna?  Maybe.  Is it because he massages your shoulders with eucalyptus oil before class? Perhaps.  Most of all, it is because he opens … Continue reading

My favorite 2 in 1

Michael Kors perfume & lip gloss

The Michael Kors lip gloss rollerball duo is my favorite tool to carry when going out after work.  I love that I don’t have to carry my whole make-up bag and perfume bottle. The color brightens my face and the perfume adds that evening appeal. … Continue reading