Ask Emeline: Make your home office fun and functional

  Working from home is slowly becoming the norm.  That space needs to be welcoming, am I right? I get overwhelmed by all the possible design ideas I see on-line so I asked my favorite designer Emeline for some specific and … Continue reading

Ask Emeline: How to make a basement bedroom cozy.

We recently decided to move our bedroom to the basement so that it would be cool, quiet and dark.  It’s freshly painted which is great, but the back door leads to a garage which doesn’t exactly read “sweet dreams”. I … Continue reading

Ask Emeline: How to embrace the new minimal.

Do you ever wish you could get rid of everything, paint your house all white and start decorating from scratch?  I get so inspired when I see home tours like the one above from Cup of Jo. I decided to ask … Continue reading

Pink is for grown-ups.

Pink is such a relaxing, soft, and optimistic color and yet a lot of people shy away from it. I guess they don’t associate it with an adult’s taste.  I say, with the right color combinations, it can feel all grown up. … Continue reading

Artist Emeline Villedary: Blogging as she grows.

Emeline Villedary is someone I have known for a long time, since she went to design school with my sister. She is an artist and entrepreneur with an encyclopedia-like brain.  To call her cool is terribly uncool, but I will do … Continue reading

Bedroom elements for a secret hideaway

I am dreaming of a bedroom update for fall. Darker jewel-tone colors, sophisticated modern art and softer materials…  – color pallet – source: pinterest source: Emily Henderson via domino source: Jill Stuart Spring / Summer 2016 (via belle vivir) – art (I … Continue reading

Pro tips on how to create a fun art wall !

The perfect art wall, by designer Shannon Gay I have always wanted to hang a collection of personal images and post cards on the wall leading to my basement which finally just got painted (hooray!!).  I saw this gorgeous picture on a friend’s Facebook … Continue reading

Fun holiday gift ideas & quick reads!

” When you are grateful,  fear disappears and abundance appears.”  – Anthony Robbins It’s Friday and I feel grateful for the upcoming weekend! With the holidays and a time change upon us, a sense of urgency has set in.  I have a … Continue reading