Martin Villeneuve: The Dreammaker

Do you know Martin Villeneuve’s amazing story? From film student to TED talk phenomenon, to Hollywood. Over a million people have been inspired by his mantra “Give the Space to Dream.” For you sci-fi lovers, film lovers, and to every … Continue reading

Paris j’adore ! Part III: The Movies

Top 10 movies set in Paris . 10 – Funny Face No list would be complete without mentioning the lovely Audrey Hepburn who stars in this movie that imprinted the legend of Parisien couture on my young mind. I am a … Continue reading

Actress Anna Hopkins: Defying Fear and Making It Happen.

(Photo credit Sabrina Lantos.) I first became aware of Montreal actress Anna Hopkins when she scored the break out role as Barney’s daughter in Barney’s Version starring Paul Giamatti in 2010. Their memorable relationship felt genuine. In 2013 she got the part of Berlin on … Continue reading

Talking Acting, Travel and Music with C.R.A.Z.Y. Talent Marc-André Grondin.

Marc-André Grondin (la presse) Do you remember when you were a teenager and had all the time in the world to listen to music and dance in your room, away from the judgment of the world? In the acclaimed movie … Continue reading

Quick Round-Up: 2 movies, 2 television series, and 2 restaurants I am loving right now!

Movies ! La Grande Bellezza Why should you watch this? This film is visually stunning, filled with fantastic symbolism, and is deeply moving. It gets you thinking profoundly about life, and the definitions of love and art in the modern … Continue reading

Talking travel, movies and life with 3 of the best women’s hockey stars in the world!

Do you remember where you were on during the Sochi Olympics when the canadian women’s hockey team beat the US?  I do.  I was at the office where the screams of triumph could be heard throughout the hallways as we won the gold medal! I have … Continue reading

Blue is definitely the warmest colour !

I haven’t cried over a film like this since The Bridges of Madison County.  Blue is the warmest color is a passionate love story between two women that contains two of the best performances I have seen in a long time.  Stars Léa Seydoux and … Continue reading