A Chat with Boston’s Celebrity Chef Matthew Jennings!

I love to be surprised by food.  I normally avoid the bread basket, but when the warm molasses-colored bread arrived with a creamy spiced butter served on top of a maple syrup can, I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore, … Continue reading

Drybar! Give yourself the California STAR treatment

It was an overcast February day in New York.  Tired after my flight, I decided to treat myself to a blowout.  My hair was bedraggled and with everyone on the street looking like a million bucks, I said “hey, it’s my turn.” … Continue reading

Isabelle’s Kitchen in Tuscany: A delicious Italian soup

Isabelle with fresh Italian vegetables, in Tuscany.  The smell of onions cooking, chopped vegetables that make an earthy rainbow, and ramazzotti playing in the background. The comfort of sitting around a wooden table with family while enjoying a glass of red wine … Continue reading

Humbled by beautiful India.

Blissful in India. . My friend Sue has been dreaming of seeing India since she was a child.  Her friends Bahara and Christina were planning a trip, and she decided this was the year to make it happen. Her husband did not have this same … Continue reading